The Beginning Is Near
David Shelton Gallery
October 2016
The Strangest Fruit
Washington & Lee University
America's Finest/Excerpts For John
October 2012
A Burning Desire: Los Angeles As Femme Fatale
Tatiana Reinoza
The Face of Battle: Americans at War, 9/11-Present
The National Portrait Gallery
April 2017
Articles and Reviews

The Face of Battle: Americans At War, 9/11- Present
The National Portrait Gallery
April 2017
The Oxford American
The Summer of Joy
Essay by Michelle Garcia
February 2017
The New York Times
Improving Medicine With Art
by Michael Hoinski
March 11, 2017
Paper City Magazine
"Beyond Art"
interview by Catherine D. Onspon
September 2016
The New York Times
An All American Family Portrait, In White
Lawrence Downes
March 2016
Juxtapoz Magazine
Essay by Michael Knowlton
April, 2007 #75
LowRider Magazine
El Chavez Ravine
April, 2008
Volume 30, Issue 4
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