My process takes an expansive approach that goes further than re-staging a lost scene for the history books. My aim is to interpret and respond to the modern world, to make sense of how it influences me, of how it stretches far beyond my own personal experiences and how to best translate this through images. 
   Men lost to war and violence and humanitys' survival which at times seems precarious at best- these subjects reveal a historical transference which takes place as the sins of the past are meted out in the present. My aim is to create visual memorials in painting, pastels and graphite as part of the process of bearing witness to loss.
   Tension holds these images together. The tensions between subject and  space, between frenzied detail and meditative state, between vulnerability and defiance becomes symbolic. 
What forces -social, political, bodily, spiritual hold these subjects in such limbo? These images become an instrument for seeing, a lens for looking at the modern world and its recurring histories.
   It is important that these images and subjects appear to be caught in a liminal space between the past and the present, between life and death, between the real and the unreal, between surrender and hope, in a state of physical, historical, and metaphysical conflict.